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Finding Light Project | Night Light | Meghann Maguire Photography

This month was free choice for Jade and I finding light project. We ended up choosing the same, because we spent a bit of time chasing the aurora. Tasmania was pretty lucky this month with a few spectacular shows. I managed to capture my first and got to do it twice this month.

I've caught a new bug!!!

I'm really enjoying getting my camera out at night. One of the nights lady aurora didn't show. But with the moon so bright we got some pretty cool pictures of Mt Roland. Man it was cold but so worth staying out till 3am. Hope you enjoy some of my night image. Please go and check Jades images out. We have very different pictures of the same setting, because we had different lenses on. Head on over to Jade's here.

Finding Light Project | Last light | Meghann Maguire Photography

Last Light was the theme for this months Finding light project I'm doing with my friend Jade. I'm late again. But I had a hard time getting this as when the suns going down we're usually sitting at the table eating dinner this time of year. 

Last light or otherwise known as golden/magic hour is beautiful light to capture images in. I don't get out very often to use this magical light, but when I do its wonderful. I used my 70-200mm lens so I could get that beautiful golden bokeh, compression in the back ground.                                                               

Last night I decided to take Addisyn out on her own since her 7th birthday is coming up. I like to make sure I capture some portraits of my children on their birthdays.

Cant believe she's 7. What an amazing little human she is. Not many people see the silly side of Addy as she's pretty quiet around people she does not know and takes a very long time to come out of her shell. But when she does she's a funny little thing.  Heres a little peek at her silly side.

Please make sure you visit Jade Hallam Photography to see what she did this month. Her images are always a pleasure to view.

Finding light project | Low light | Meghann Maguire Photgraphy

Bon fire night with super sized marshmallows, perfect for this months theme low light.

You'll find my friend Jade and her images here. She also has a few tips on how to take pictures in low light.

Finding light project - Rim light - Meghann Maguire Photography

Confession to make I only took 180 pictures last month. That's my lowest in years. My average is 1000. But as artists thats bound to happen a few times here and there. I've changed my focus in the last few month, but I'm so grateful that I have Jade to keep me inspired. I'm a little late with this months. Better late then never. 

This months theme in our Finding light project is rim light. This is when you place the light behind your subject. You create this bright magical halo that shines through your subjects hair and even all around their body.

It works best if your backdrop is darker, Like a tree line or fence. Exposing for this type of light can be tricky. Find little light leeks on the ground and position your subject in them.

Here is my play over the weekend just in my back yard. Time of day was not perfect and a little more challenging with the sun being pretty high. They were all shot with my fuji mirrorless camera at f/3.6 apart from the first 2 of my son they were at f/18. These are no really rim light, but thought they were neat.

Some of the ones with Addy in the tree don't really have any rim light either, notice how the background is the sky and the others where you can see a halo have a darker background.

Dont forget to check out what Jade did this month, she has some pretty cool ones. Link here.

Dont forget Jade.

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