Moments in motherhood-Launceston photographer

Eek I'm so excited to share with you my first moments in motherhood session from my model call out. I have met some amazing mums through out this process and have heard some wonderful stories. We all have a different stories that lead to the same... we are all warrior mothers!!! This has become the theme that we are celebrating. You are beautiful, strong, smart and amazing. Sure the spit up on your shoulder is the latest scent, you're still trying to loose the baby weight, your hair is always messy and track pants is what you spend your weekends in. But you are still amazing and beautiful. You are a WARRIOR MOTHER. You are doing a spectacular job at raising those tiny humans.

I"m offering the opportunity to get your photos done in a more organic way. I want to preserve your motherhood story as it is now, in its truest form. This means we are not going to go stand in a field or the beach and pose for photos, but we are going to capture your EVERYDAY.

Sometimes you develop new friendships in the most unexpected ways. Tracey was a fan and found inspiration in what I was offering. She is now a friend who has put belief in myself in ways I can not explain right now. But it will give you the chills. We have started working on a project together called Warrior Mother. (I will be going into more detail of this very soon) I just love the feeling of this session. It makes me clucky and reminds me of how it felt to have a little baby staring back into my eyes, the pure love and joy. 

Ok this blog turned a little sloppy. Sorry, but not sorry ;)

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