Hello and Welcome


First up let me congratulate you on your engagement. How exciting!

Let’s take a minute to imagine your wedding day. Close your eyes and see the beauty, love and emotions. intimate moments captured naturally and with grace.

I will show you all the love and happiness that fills this day, so that years from now you will be able to relive it.

It’s my greatest honour to leave you with the tangible truth.


Intimate documentary

This is where I watch the day unfold organically, laughter, crying, exchanging of rings. I try to capture a very real sense of what it was like to be there without intruding or disturbing anything. I want to tell the story of your wedding day through pictures. Because when the day is over, that is what you’re left with a photographic time capsule.

getting ready
wines for jonies

Creative lifestyle

As much as I love documentary photography and it works 95% of the time, I also love giving my clients beautiful portraits. For this reason I will give you a little direction every now and again. I hardly ever get you to look at the camera and smile (apart from family portraits and any other ones you direct) When we head off to do the bride and groom photos, I want you to have eyes for each other lots of kissing, rubbing noses, hugging from every angle, walking and dancing :)

beach wedding
light pocket
autumn wedding