Frequent wonders - Launceston photograper

I know their are probably so many frequent wonders you have about this type of photography. I want to address one that I'm working on myself.

I don’t like how I look in photo’s. I’m not sure I could do the unposed thing. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re always the one behind the camera in family photos, and rarely ever make an appearance in them. Mostly I’m happy about this because I hate my picture being taken. I’ve recently been reminded in many ways, that life’s moments are precious. Think of your typical portrait. You are aware of the camera and that smile is forced. You may be stiff from a funky pose or uncomfortable having people in your personal bubble. Sure, there may be a uniform smile, but is there really any life inside of the image? When you are in documentary photos, your best self is being presented. We are our most beautiful when we FEEL good. Good can come in a variety of forms: laughter, peace, snuggled with our loved one, in our element doing something we love. The relationship we build is vital to the strength of emotion inside of the photos.