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launceston couples session with dog

Couples session with Launceston Photographer

We all know that most people see their dogs as part of their family, so it’s only natural that they would be included in the engagement session. Let’s talk about a few things to consider while you plan your couples session.

launceston couples session with dog


Before choosing your location, think about your dog and it’s personality. maybe your dog is a little more anxious, you then might want to consider having pictures at home. If you are going elsewhere, you need to make sure it is dog friendly. Consider your dogs personality too. If your dog gets distracted easily, it may be challenging to have photos taken in a busy park. Timing is important here too. If your dog is well socialised a busy area wont be a problem.

launceston couples session with dog


You might want to bathe and brush your dog before the shoot. You may need to take your dog for a long walk or have a game of fetch before the shoot to help your dog relax and not be so full of energy.

A well trained dog is much easier to photograph than one who is not. Practice to sit, lie down and stay leading up to the session. Even if your dog is not a master of these commands, it will help if your dog has a general idea of what they mean.

Bring water, a leash, treats, poop bags and maybe your pets favourite toy. Squeaky toys are always a good way to get dogs attention.

If it’s possible, bring a friend to take care of your dog while we take some romantic shots.

launceston couples photography
launceston couples photography

Have fun :) This might be obvious, but remember the goal is to capture your love and personality as a couple and your dog. Don’t be afraid to be silly and let loose.

launceston couples session with dog
launceston couples session with dog

Family, couples session | Launceston Photographer

When I chatted to Kylie over the phone all things wedding, I discovered she had a little family and she asked if they could be included in the couples session. Of course we have to include them, but I still made sure I got a few of them on their own.

I’m so excited for this cute families wedding later this year.

Couples session | Launceston Photographer

Today I’m just going to find a poem to share, It’s hard to find words to write in a blog all the time that doesn’t sound the same as the last blog post and I’m trying to catch up on my sessions.

I will say that I had a fun time with these two during their couples session. I tried out a few new things and there was a lot of laughter.

Her eye stole my heart,

her smile gave me life, her presence made

me high,

her touch left me



Launceston Couples photographer | Tasmania Travel Photographer

I Cant believe this surprise proposal happened. All I really knew about this couple was they were on their first holiday together and wanted some professional photo’s done. They really liked the red rocks Bay of Fire is so well known for.

As I was getting ready for this session I had a passing thought that wouldn’t it be cool if he proposed. Often it happens, people get engaged while traveling.

So you can imagine my excitement and surprise when Stev whispered in my ear he was going to do just that.

It was well worth the 4:30am rise and 5hour return drive.

I’m not surprised she said yes, he really knew how to make her laugh. These two were such a breeze to photograph.

I wish them all the best.