Loft Family Holiday, Blog circle - Launceston photographer

This is my 3rd time I've tried to post this. My blog circle kinda died, I was kinda sad that this had happened so I added some new keen photographers to get it lively again. So here it is Blog circle - Local outings. Where a bunch of us documentary at heart photographers from all over the world, share a little part of us each month. 

We went on a little holiday a few months ago. We took the family and car on the Spirit of Tasmania and headed to Werribee. We had a pretty pack few days hanging with Nanna and Gump and a few visits with Aunty Gen and cousin Franca.

We will defiantly be doing this  again. Taking the car over. It was so nice to see stuff that was outside Melbourne city. Fun had by all. I also have included a little video of our trip.