Behind the scenes of motherhood with Christie - Launceston photographer

I just love this session and the reaction from Christie when she got her pictures made my heart dance with happiness.

Here is a little run down of the process.


Once we have set a date. We will have a chat in person or over the phone and deiced on 3-4 activities, so that when I come over to shoot your session you know what you are doing and I don’t have to direct you too much. This helps to keep your session authentically you. The key to a successful documentary session is in the planning. 


Besides knowing what activities you are going to do. You really don't need to do much. I just want everything to be as it normally would. I don't want you going out buying new outfits that you’re never going to wear again. Unless you usually match your outfits, it’s not necessary for everyone to match, just wear what you would normally wear. If one of the activities you choose is usually done in your pyjamas, then wear them. If your daughter wants to dress up as Spiderman, like she usually does, let her (this is my daughter’s favourite outfit). I’m probably wasting my breath here, but you don’t need to clean the house before I come. I’m not going to be taking photos of your dust-bunnies, if your craft room is exploding with a creative mess – awesome! It’s beautiful chaos. So let’s keep your session real. Try not to worry about anything. Just be you, and I’ll try and be a little fly on the wall. At first you may feel a little uncomfortable, but soon you won’t even know I’m there. I will interact a little with you, but mostly just small talk. I am very quiet when I am loving what I’m capturing. 


It will take me around a week to edit your session. I will then put together your online gallery of around 150 images. I will email you when they are ready along with a password. This gallery will stay up for only a week. From here you can chooses your favourite  photos,  you can also decide if you would like to purchase package 1 or 2 all packages come with your very own photo album. I’m sorry but there will be no preferences or proofing of the album. Once you make your payment, I’ll put the order in. This takes about 2 weeks to be delivered. It will take no longer then 3 weeks before you receive your product. After you receive your images, I will blog your session with my favourite photos so you can show family and friends your photos. Make sure you have the tissues ready.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Let’s celebrate the mother warrior that you are.

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