A moment in motherhood captured - Launceston photographer

Im in my last stage of being a stay at home mother, with a child at home full time. I’m not sure if I’m ready to move onto the next season of life. I’ve been fighting with the idea to hang on just a little bit longer by having another baby. I know this is ridiculous and you have to stop and move on at some stage, And with three children already my hands are pretty full. 

I wish I had documented my pregnancies differently to the love heart hands, purple ribbon around belly, holding babies monogram over my belly. I’m pretty sure I even dressed up in a country type outfit. What the?? This really is not me at all. They don't remind me of anything of what it was like to be pregnant or how I felt.

I painted an interactive mural for my daughter. That mural is no longer there as we did some major renovations and had to destroy that wall. I wish I had documented my time preparing her room.

Motherhood photography is a special way to offer clients a way of preserving their motherhood moments and telling their own stories as mothers.

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