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Self-portraits of motherhood challenge- Launceston photographer

It’s mothers day soon. Let’s celebrate with a photo challenge, self-portraits of motherhood. I want you to stop making excuses and include more of you in your family photos.  Let go of the dream of the perfect moment when your hair’s done, make ups on or you’re in yourfavourite out fit. Seize the moment, however imperfect it is, and get in that shot!

It’s so easy to do these days with your cell phones. For me because I’m the photographer in  the family, I often miss out on being in any family pictures. But it’s important to let your children know that you are part of the action, that you where there too.  You don't want them to look back at photos and your children ask, wheres mum? This is your story, after all—it’s important that you step into the frame. Your pictures don't have to be perfect, it doesn't matter if they are a little out of focus, or you don't have the perfect lighting. Imperfections and all, these photos are still precious no matter what they look like.

It’s going to take time to get into regular practice of handing over the camera, especially if you’re not used to hopping in front of it. You might be uncomfortable to start with, but making a conscious effort will be so worth it! Making a goal for yourself to get in more photos a week, month, or year, can make a huge difference.

Here are some tips for getting in the frame.

1.  If you're out and about, I wouldn't suggest investing in a tripod, because I will hardly if ever bring it with me. (I'm a little lazy like that.)  So if we ever want a family picture while out, I’ll set the timer and just rest my camera on a rock or the ground, whatever I can find stable enough. I then quickly run to my spot. But having a tripod for those pictures at home can come in handy.

2.  Get creative with your selfie. You don't always need to include your face. Find ways you can include parts of you in the frame. Like holding your children's hand’s, maybe all your feet on the sandy beach. Or your child hugging your leg.

3.  Get your children to take turns with the camera. My kids love this. They can even take charge and tell you where they want you to stand and how to pose.

Make sure you Keep It Fun – I am always looking for fun ways to take photos ofmy kids. Because when taking photos with fun experiences, they’re so much more willing to cooperate when I want to take their picture.

Stuck on what photos to take with your kids?

Then I’ve got you covered!

Taking these photos is really a gift to your children. You’re giving them a chance to see how much you love them and that they will always have a place where they belong.

Place your emailing address below and I'll send you my printable 52 self-portraits of motherhood checklist. It’s filled with fun photo ideas. It’s going to help you get in more photos with your children and make beautiful memories. There’s one for every week of the year if you want to join in on the challenge.

Let’s make no more excuses!! Just opportunities for more fun family time.

You might also be interested in my seven proven photography tricks to make you a better mumographer. I'd love for you to join my seven day photo challenge, it's going to loads of fun. Check it out here.

Molecreek wilderness park - Launceston photographer

It's that time of month when a group of documentary at heart photographers from all over the world share our local outings. This month we took the kids to the Molecreek wilderness park. They had so much fun.

Dont forget to follow the the link at the bottom to the next photographer all the way back to mine. Cant wait to see what everyone else does.

Pop quiz - Launceston photographer

Breasts in, or out? - Launceston photographer

There seems to be so much circulating at the moment about women and breastfeeding; whether it’s about doing it in public and the social backlash, or photographers offering to shoot breastfeeding mums and their bubs. Controversy just seems to be everywhere about this topic.

Now I never paid much attention while breastfeeding my children in public. If I was getting dirty stares, luckily I never noticed. For me it just felt natural and I wasn't afraid to pop my breast out and start feeding wherever I was. I don't get why there’s so much debate about breastfeeding in public because it’s been around for so long - well let’s say forever. And what’s worse: a screaming baby, or a happy baby getting their feed? So there you have it – my stance on the “hot topic”. 

Yet, it seems as though you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Some women don't get to breastfeed their babies. While there is so much information and literature that breast is best, I feel we need to be considerate and open to those mums who can’t, or don’t want to, breastfeed. While I was doing a session recently with a mum we started talking about how she started off breastfeeding, but in order for her baby to grow and be nourished she had to make the switch to bottle feeding as she was not making enough milk. We talked about how she still feels judged when out in public for bottle-feeding her baby and that’s not cool either. I guess we are all just doing our best to be great parents regardless of whether our breasts are in or out! 

The best part of this debate is that you, or I, can capture a special and beautiful moment no matter how you’re feeding. I know the mum who I had that session with will hold onto those pictures with such fond memories because before she knows it her little baby will not be holding onto her fingers any more, he’ll have hold of that bottle on his own.