Images you should be taking. Thinking outside the box - Launceston family documentary photographer

Images you should be taking. Thinking outside the box.


I think a lot of the time we just take pictures for the obvious reasons. Like the first day of school and birthdays. What about the in between moments. Like the cuddles on the couch, helping to empty the dishwasher for the first time. Going to the grocery store. Helping in the garden, brushing teeth, reading quietly in their room, or building their very first cubby house.

Recently I’ve realised I’ve been missing out on all these in between moments. I’ve been in a panic because I’ve been capturing all the wrong stuff the last few years. Yes a was a practicing photographer and you would not have the same types of images. But my kids don’t want to remember the time I made them dress up for no real reason apart from me taking their picture and dragging them around the park trying out different poses and making them look at the camera and smiling. No!! They want to remember what it was like going to the local park and playing and having a picnic. Laughing at something silly they were doing or the summer they put the sprinkler under the trampoline. The moment’s that hold real true feelings. Sure I was capturing their physical growth, but I was missing the opportunity to capture their little personalities growing too. It’s not just your photo - it’s your story!!


1. Operation get lego out of nose. I’m not saying every kid does this. But I’ve heard it’s happened often and resulting in having to make a trip to the hospital. This happened to me just recently. We were lucky enough to take this out ourselves.

Maybe your child has injured themselves. It might not be funny at the time, but when they look back at the photos of that black eye or graze on their knee, it will bring back memories. Remembering apart of their history that might now be funny. They could still have a scar in 20 years time and a picture to go with it. 


2. FAMILY - This is something I really need to do more of. I was doing my daughters yearly album and noticed I was missing so many important people. My husband has such a large family and most of them do not make it in her album. I need to take more pictures of all the other important people like Aunties, Uncle, Grandparents and cousins. My son and one of his cousins share this special friendship and bond together since my son was born, I really don’t have any pictures to show them when they're older.


3. New mannerisms - Every stage of life our children develop new expressions and new mannerisms almost daily. They come and go. Make sure to grab the camera and document these cute little bursts while they’re fresh and cute so you can remember them. 


4. Favourite toy - What toy can your child not live without this week or month? Sometimes my children change their favourite toy on a daily bases. Or they keep coming back to one particular. My youngest is obsessed about dinosaurs and rarely changes. But my daughter has a new favourite almost daily and she would rather wear her spiderman tops daily and never wants to put a dress on.


5. A picture with you - Get in those pictures yourself!!!  Show them the things you love to do together with you in it. Hugs and kisses, holding hands, reading them a book. Let them see in 20 years from now the love and connection you shared. Both of the parents take turns with the camera.

6. Tantrum - You don't always have to document the happy fun times. Get those awesome tantrums they have and the details as to why they where having them. These pictures are of my daughter having a hissy because I put her babies outside. The tears of devastation. It was all fixed by putting her Armadillidiidae babies into a container. 

Make sure you're printing your pictures an a regular basis and taking that camera everywhere you go.