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Hello & Welcome!!!!

I’m Meghann, I love to work with people that are sentimental at heart. I crave to capture that love, connection and laughter we share with our loved ones. the moments when the kids just turned to bed and dad steals a kiss from mom in celebration of another successful day in parenting… the belly laughs over a tickle fest. These are the memories that truly mean something, right? I help families preserve these memories through relaxing and fun, photo sessions with a freeing, documentary approach. In documentary photography, the most beautiful moment is the moment of truth.

At times, I’ve almost felt sad and in a panic over moments and stories with my family that have passed. I live to preserve these signature family stories for my clients with my camera.

Once my son asked if he could build a cubby house with some old fence palings. I thought it was so cute and said yes. What child hasn't made a cubby house at some point in their life? I was so worried about the kids stepping on an old, rusty nail and thought someone was going to end up hurt. The idea of documenting this with my camera didn't even cross my mind. It is difficult to be fully present for the kids and photograph well at the same time. 

Building this cubby house was a monumental moment in life, and mine as a parent, as we can’t always wrap our children in cottonwool. Sometimes, we need to let go. After dinner, he announced he was going back outside to finish his cubby house and I had the sudden urge to document this. 

I see my son growing into independence with each day. Looking back at the photos of that day he built a cubby house, where he took charge, a little on the danger side in my eyes, I feel connected and closer to the early days that have now passed. My heart is filled with more joy, because it’s not just the milestones that are important. Your family grows, evolves and changes daily, which is a beautiful thing and is hard to find in a selfie, or staged photo.

Write down three things that you enjoy doing as a family today. Were you doing the same things a year ago? Do you have photos to remind you of these? How does it make you feel to think about it? 

Documentary photography is my approach to family photo sessions - which is a fancy way of saying: I will help you ensure all of those good feelings you feel about your favourite memories will last a lifetime and beyond. How? Through creating unique photos that will keep your memory of family stories tack sharp, not just for you, but for your children. 

Download my client guide to learn more here. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to work with you!