Your very own visual time capsule - Launceston photographer

When I decided to specialise in documentary photography I needed to change a few things. When planning what I wanted to offer my clients and how I was running things before with just giving images on a USB. I felt disappointed when clients didn't go ahead and purchase any prints or other products. I always felt sad. Not for the fact that I didn’t make any more money. But because they went through all this trouble to have these beautiful professional portraits done, just to have them put on a USB and lets face it probably sitting in a draw collecting dust or lost. I was doing my clients a disservice. So it became important to me to give a full service and include a story book album with all sessions. Because I know how busy we can get. Even if you have good intentions to print your images I know this can be easily put to the side. So let me do the work for you. Not only that but i know that most of you are not aware that getting your images printed at your local lab just makes me cringe, because they are going to be yuck. They are not going to come out looking how they look on your screen.


I know that people think they want USB files. These days it’s so easy to take pictures with your cameras, phones, and iPads and store them on your computer and hard drive or burn them to a disc. You are slowly loosing those precious memories. Because those formats don't last forever, not only that but cd’s are fading too. My laptop doesn’t even have a cd drive. They are slowly being faded out. So in 10 years time when you want to look at those picture, it’s going to be hard. Right? It’s really sad that this generation of children are not going to have any memories to look at. In the film days if you wanted to see those pictures you had to get them developed. It’s really important we get back to printing. Please please print your pictures!!!! I read something somewhere that I love. Having pictures around your house, gives your children confidence and the feeling of family and love. How do they feel walking past that draw with the USB of photos??


Each month I take hundreds sometime thousands of images of my family. I edit my favourite. I have 3 ways to backup. Hard drive, cd and my favourites go into a photo album. Each year for my child’s birthday they get a photo album of their year. 


Having a session with me is your story, so I think a photo album is so fitting. Can you picture yourself sitting on the couch together as a family looking back at those pictures remembering what it was like at that moment in your life. The emotions come flooding back, Being able to show your grandchildren what their parents were like growing up. It’s really family history that becomes more valuable over time. I want you to have that product in your hands at your disposal at all times. Something thats going to get passed on for generations to come.

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