A teenage dream - Launceston photographer

Imagine documenting your teenage daughter in a way that takes a glimps at her blossoming into adult life. Do you find yourself trying to hold onto these last few moments of her being at home before she ventures out into the world?

I would love to have some pictures of myself when I was a young teen.  To have details of what it was like to be a young me hanging out in my room with my hyper colour top rockin’ my bad boy sunnies, listing to the radio and pressing record on the tape player to catch my favourite songs. Man, the world has changed so much since I was a teenager...

More then likely, it‘ll be the same for your children - they are going to wish they had a photographic time capsule of their younger years. Wouldn’t it be so cool to show your children when they’re older how much has changed, how much they’ve changed? How funny will it be checking out how cool they thought they were back then. When I look at pictures of my parents in the 60s, not only does it make me laugh, but it makes me want to be in that era and gives me a connection with them even though I wasn’t there.

When I started documenting Rachel and looking through these photos, I knew this series of photos and the ones I did while prepping (sewing her dress) would be something she would always be able to look back on and feel a sense of great pride and accomplishment regarding her achievements as a young fashion designer.  

At the moment Rachel’s mum has the album from this documentary session and she loves it. Later down the track she will pass it on to Rachel.

These are the pictures from behind the scenes at the teenage fashion awards in Melbourne.

You can find the pictures to her sewing and prepping here.