365 days - Launceston photographer

Just thought I would up date some of my images from my 365 day project. Image #3 did not turn out anything how I hoped it to and will try it again. I got this new fancy vacuum called the Kirby. It works as a blower as well as vacuums and shampoos your carpets. Anyway I envisioned using the blower on the kids and lighting them up with the light on the vacuum and that the kids would have these funny faces. But Everett wasn't too sure what was happening and looked a little scared and the other 2 just posed with smiles on their faces.


Image #4 was set up by Gabriel. They were listening to music and this was a dance move they were doing.

Launceston photographer

Hahaha image #5. Well we are in the middle of major renovations. We have not had a bath for sometime now. Everett is not a big fan of the shower and its always such a battle washing him. So when we finally got our kitchen sink in which is big enough to bath a 2 year old I thought it was going to be so much better. But he hated that too.

launceston photographer

Image #6 I hate.

Image #7 was so much fun. Done of my best friend for her birthday.

launceston photographer

Image #8 putting the christmas tree up.


Image #9 Addy having her night time milk.

launceston photographer

Image #10 Big sister help making bath time a little better.

launceston photographer

Image #11 Busted with hands down pants.

launceston photographer

Image #12 I was inspired by a photographer Meg Bitton. She does all these amazing pictures with beautiful lights in the background. So heading into town thinking this is not going to work in the small city I live in. Looking around we just don't have many lights. I think Meg Bitton live in NY. So the family and I just headed for a walk instead and took some cute pictures along the way. When we got back to the car it was perfect timing and asked my oldest son to stand in the middle of the very quiet road. But he was not happy. It was scary, mean mum. Even sitting on my husbands shoulders he was freaking out. So I didn't get time to get my setting right, It has some motion blur but I got my image I was set out to do. I will be going back.

launceston photographer