Breasts in, or out? - Launceston photographer

There seems to be so much circulating at the moment about women and breastfeeding; whether it’s about doing it in public and the social backlash, or photographers offering to shoot breastfeeding mums and their bubs. Controversy just seems to be everywhere about this topic.

Now I never paid much attention while breastfeeding my children in public. If I was getting dirty stares, luckily I never noticed. For me it just felt natural and I wasn't afraid to pop my breast out and start feeding wherever I was. I don't get why there’s so much debate about breastfeeding in public because it’s been around for so long - well let’s say forever. And what’s worse: a screaming baby, or a happy baby getting their feed? So there you have it – my stance on the “hot topic”. 

Yet, it seems as though you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Some women don't get to breastfeed their babies. While there is so much information and literature that breast is best, I feel we need to be considerate and open to those mums who can’t, or don’t want to, breastfeed. While I was doing a session recently with a mum we started talking about how she started off breastfeeding, but in order for her baby to grow and be nourished she had to make the switch to bottle feeding as she was not making enough milk. We talked about how she still feels judged when out in public for bottle-feeding her baby and that’s not cool either. I guess we are all just doing our best to be great parents regardless of whether our breasts are in or out! 

The best part of this debate is that you, or I, can capture a special and beautiful moment no matter how you’re feeding. I know the mum who I had that session with will hold onto those pictures with such fond memories because before she knows it her little baby will not be holding onto her fingers any more, he’ll have hold of that bottle on his own.