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What if it might rain on your wedding day? | Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

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What if it might rain on your wedding day?

You may or may not have taken into consideration while planning your wedding. What if it might rain? As a Tasmanian wedding photographer It does happen, but it doesn’t mean your day has to be ruined. Having a rain action plan in place can take the pressure off of something that is completely out of your control and use the rain to your advantage. Should the rain appear, take a deep breath and embrace the positives a rainy day can bring. Here are some tips so you can make your rain-day action plan now.

  • Congratulations! You’re getting the best light a bride could ask for.  Just about every photographer will be wishing for some cloud cover on your wedding day. It's consistent, soft, colours are beautiful, no shadows or squinty eyes. So rest assured you have the perfect light for the most gorgeous wedding shots.

  • Have the appropriate gear and have fun with it. I always bring a clear umbrella in the back of my car to every wedding. I also encourage you to invest in enough umbrellas for you and your wedding party, if you're worried about the rain. Clear umbrellas are a great choice because you won’t get weird colour cast or shadows on your face. Your photographer will love you for that. I mean those clear umbrellas are so cute. Whats even cuter would be some fun colourful gumboots in your wedding colours for your bridal party. Now that’s a photo I’d like to take. Be prepared your wedding dress is going to get messy. Also think about handing out umbrellas or blankets to your guests. You can get creative here too and decided if you want to incorporate your wedding colours.

  • If it looks like rain think about wearing your hair up. Updos work better in the rain, they stay in place and you don’t have to worry about your curls falling flat.

  • Discuss with your makeup artist ways your makeup can stand up to the weather. Water proof mascara for one.

  • Check with your venue to see what they can do if you’ve planned an outdoor ceremony or reception. Some venues can easily move everything inside. If you're doing more of DIY wedding consider renting a tent.

  • Sometimes being prepared to adjust your wedding day timeline can be a blessing. Just by moving your portrait session to a later time when there is a break in the weather. Half an hour can mean the difference between a downpour and cloudy skies with the sun popping through. Have an idea for your portrait session to be taken inside until you wait for the skies too clear.

  • Sometimes the weather is just miserable all day. If it's not possible to get any beautiful portraits inside anywhere. Go enjoy your time with your guests and discuss with your photographer to take pictures another day. I know I would be happy to do this.

  • I know you’ve heard the saying before. Its good luck if it rains on your wedding day. In some cultures this is true.

So it might rain on your wedding day but that doesn’t have to mean everything will be ruined. Embrace it! Don’t let the details you can’t control ruin your special day. You only get married once so take steps to make it the best day of your life, rain or no rain!

Here are a few pictures from a wedding I did recently and guess what? It rained. Adelle and Dean had their wedding at Entally Estate. I feel this venue has some great options if it rains on your wedding day.

Positive body image | Launceston Wellness Photographer

launceston wellness photographer.jpg

I've been really inspired by a few people in the media lately. They’re spreading a message that I’m really passionate about. Something I’ve been working really hard on myself and that’s having a positive body image. 

I woke up to this image in my instagram feed this morning and inspired me to write this post and share this picture. You find it here.

I’ve had this dream for awhile now, but have been struggling with how to deliver and go about it and as the years go by my idea keeps getting bigger and bigger, but it never goes away. What started off with wanting to take beautiful pictures of people that weren’t the standard glamour or boudoir pictures that you see  a lot of photographers doing. I didn’t want them to be about how you look. More about how you feel and to celebrate you as a person. How often do we actually stop to think how far we have come, we’re too busy searching for the next big thing. We don’t spend enough time acknowledging and celebrating where we actually are right now. Maybe you haven't hit that big goal or that big dream yet but I bet you've come a damn long way. 

As I was editing this week I was listening to this documentary series on FMTV. I love watching, reading and listening to anything heath and wellness when ever I can. If you haven’t heard of FMTV you should go check it out. Its like Netflix but everything health and wellness. So anyway I was watching this new documentary series called TRANSCENDENCE an episode called The Art Of Fullfillment. They were talking about finding your purpose, not just the one that pays the bills, but one that gets you jumping out of bed and that often you will find this purpose in your life story. We need more people to be vulnerable and to share the not so perfect.

I’ve been sharing my story a little more here and there sharing my struggles with binge eating and body image and behind the scenes I’m trying to put together a wellness photography experience. One thats not just a photo session but one thats a journey of self discovery and developing a positive body image. So next time your husband, friend or sister or whoever it might be wants take your picture, you jump in there with pride and nothing but love for yourself.

Watching that series has given me a little nudge to let go of my fear. To stop letting it hold me back. I  want to be one of those people to inspire, even if its just one person to take along this journey with me. I want to help spread this movement of body positive instead of  the diet culture telling us something is wrong. Let’s take the preasure off ourselves and start loving our body at every shape and size. Because really it only brings nothing but unhappiness.

What’s stopping you from jumping in front of the camera and looking at yourself with love and compassion? Do you look at professional photo’s and wish you had the confidence to get your own done? Do you shy away every time you see a camera? Do you look in the mirror and only see hate and self loath? Do you keep putting things off till you lose 10kg? 

It”s time to stop! 

Stop waiting for the perfect moment. LIVE IN THE NOW!! It’s such a wonderful feeling when you decide to quiet the diet culture and start living. It’s not an easy journey but I promise you it leads to a more peaceful one.

I’m the one who always has the camera in hand and I have to ask my husband more often to take pictures of me, especially with my children. It’s hard and I still have some work to do. But I’m grateful to have this picture with me and my children on our holiday. When I look at pictures of myself for a moment I might be judgemental to myself, but then I try to pick out all the wonderful things and remind myself that I’m going to keep taking care of myself and I know that doesn’t guarantee I’ll end up in a small sized body.

Let me say this, you and your body are not the problem.  We live in a broken world that doesn’t want you to accept fat on your body.  A society who wants you striving for thinness, but thin isn’t what all of us are called to be. Instead of going to body shaming, I challenge you to unearth what else is bothering you or stressing you out that you are blaming your body for.

3 takeaways:

  1. You deserve to have an opinion of yourself that doesn’t involve your body size. 

  2. Seeing a photo of yourself/reflection you don’t like is an opportunity to choose to be kind to yourself. 

  3. Photos or mirrors should be viewed as tools of acceptance and an opportunity to practice kindness, not tools of change. 

    Start with statements like, "I am..." or "What I'm really proud of myself for is..."

We deserve to have a positive body image of ourselves.

Finding Light Project | Last light | Meghann Maguire Photography

Last Light was the theme for this months Finding light project I'm doing with my friend Jade. I'm late again. But I had a hard time getting this as when the suns going down we're usually sitting at the table eating dinner this time of year. 

Last light or otherwise known as golden/magic hour is beautiful light to capture images in. I don't get out very often to use this magical light, but when I do its wonderful. I used my 70-200mm lens so I could get that beautiful golden bokeh, compression in the back ground.                                                               

Last night I decided to take Addisyn out on her own since her 7th birthday is coming up. I like to make sure I capture some portraits of my children on their birthdays.

Cant believe she's 7. What an amazing little human she is. Not many people see the silly side of Addy as she's pretty quiet around people she does not know and takes a very long time to come out of her shell. But when she does she's a funny little thing.  Heres a little peek at her silly side.

Please make sure you visit Jade Hallam Photography to see what she did this month. Her images are always a pleasure to view.

Finding light project - Rim light - Meghann Maguire Photography

Confession to make I only took 180 pictures last month. That's my lowest in years. My average is 1000. But as artists thats bound to happen a few times here and there. I've changed my focus in the last few month, but I'm so grateful that I have Jade to keep me inspired. I'm a little late with this months. Better late then never. 

This months theme in our Finding light project is rim light. This is when you place the light behind your subject. You create this bright magical halo that shines through your subjects hair and even all around their body.

It works best if your backdrop is darker, Like a tree line or fence. Exposing for this type of light can be tricky. Find little light leeks on the ground and position your subject in them.

Here is my play over the weekend just in my back yard. Time of day was not perfect and a little more challenging with the sun being pretty high. They were all shot with my fuji mirrorless camera at f/3.6 apart from the first 2 of my son they were at f/18. These are no really rim light, but thought they were neat.

Some of the ones with Addy in the tree don't really have any rim light either, notice how the background is the sky and the others where you can see a halo have a darker background.

Dont forget to check out what Jade did this month, she has some pretty cool ones. Link here.

Dont forget Jade.

Maybe your interested in learning how to capture your family naturally? Im now offering in person one on one mentoring sessions. Find out more here.