Finding light project - with Jade - Launceston photographer

As a photographer there's an endless amount of things to practice. My main study for the past few months has been light. My aim is to master all types of light. I want light to be one of my focus points in my photography and for all types of light to be my strong point. Being a photographer, I'm someone who constantly observes the world around them and getting lost in watching how the light falls around me.

I asked a local fellow photographer friend, who has just recently ignited an old passion for photography to join me in a little project. I have found taking on projects a great way to flourish in your photography and doing it with someone else keeps you accountable. Jade has been a friend of mine for over 15 years. In the old days we used to take our little point and shoots and head to the bush to enjoy the wilderness and taking photo's. But since having children we haven't done this for awhile. So it's nice to take on our Finding light project together.

So each month we practice a type of light and share our findings.

First up was my favorite window light. I love how you can play with light and shadows. Making my images a little more moody. Generally I expose for the highlights in my subjects by doing this the rest of the image is going to naturally fall darker.

Take a look at how Jade observed window light by following this link.

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