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Thalia Haven | Tasmania Elopement Photographer

A Tasmanian Elopement At Thalia Haven

Thalia Haven was on my bucket list of places to shoot a wedding at. I had seen an elopement there and thought it would be amazing to document a wedding and a few weeks later the next thing I knew I was there. All thanks to Gabbie from Event Avenue who is a local wedding planner.

This location did not disappoint. Ocean views, beautiful house, pockets of light and a perfect intimate elopement.

Neville did all the wedding planning, (with the help of Gabbie) This does not happen very often where the groom does all the work. When I was talking to Lisa she was pretty happy with Neville’s hard work and loved her special day.

Finding light project | Light and dark | Meghann Maguire Photography

Shooting for shadow is my favourite way to capture an image at the moment. I love exploring ways to bring out drama in a scene.

I use spot metering, this gives me the most control when exposing my images. It measures only a small area of the scene. I expose for the highlights, this will allow the rest of your image to naturally fade into shadow giving your image depth and dimension.

This is a project I'm doing with a fellow photographer friend. Every month we have a theme and share our findings. Its a great way to keep you accountable and practice what we love and it's so much more fun sharing it with someone else. So don't forget to check her images from last month, she has been taking some amazing milky way pictures. Check out the amazing Jade here.

Link to Jades Finding light project here.

Moments in motherhood-Launceston photographer

Eek I'm so excited to share with you my first moments in motherhood session from my model call out. I have met some amazing mums through out this process and have heard some wonderful stories. We all have a different stories that lead to the same... we are all warrior mothers!!! This has become the theme that we are celebrating. You are beautiful, strong, smart and amazing. Sure the spit up on your shoulder is the latest scent, you're still trying to loose the baby weight, your hair is always messy and track pants is what you spend your weekends in. But you are still amazing and beautiful. You are a WARRIOR MOTHER. You are doing a spectacular job at raising those tiny humans.

I"m offering the opportunity to get your photos done in a more organic way. I want to preserve your motherhood story as it is now, in its truest form. This means we are not going to go stand in a field or the beach and pose for photos, but we are going to capture your EVERYDAY.

Sometimes you develop new friendships in the most unexpected ways. Tracey was a fan and found inspiration in what I was offering. She is now a friend who has put belief in myself in ways I can not explain right now. But it will give you the chills. We have started working on a project together called Warrior Mother. (I will be going into more detail of this very soon) I just love the feeling of this session. It makes me clucky and reminds me of how it felt to have a little baby staring back into my eyes, the pure love and joy. 

Ok this blog turned a little sloppy. Sorry, but not sorry ;)

Start planning your motherhood session by downloading my 10 impossibly sweet motherhood photo session ideas worksheet here.

Family session - Melbourne photgrapher

I headed off to Melbourne, a couple months now. (Been a little slack with sharing some of my sessions I've been doing.) This session had been in the making for a few years now and finally the day came. Leonie has been a dear friend of mine since high school and I could not wait to go and meet the newest little family member and of course snap a few shots.

This family spend more then 8 hours a week at the gymnastics club and was so excited when Leonie said we'd be heading over to document them during one of their training sessions. How cool are the pictures? I'm in love with them.

Do your children have a passion that you like to document? Shoot me a message I'd love to hear about it.