Launceston Family Documentary Photographer - Intro to Family Story-telling

I have found my photography voice. YAY! I have discovered a genre that's not really being offered here in Tasmania. Or I haven't come across a photographer yet. It's documentary photography. This type of photography has been around for ever, it's like photojournalism I guess. But I'm offering it to families. It's a story-telling session.

So what is this exactly? Well it's documenting real memories, personalities and connection in a natural unposed way. I'm a fly on your wall. I sit back observe and take pictures. It's not like your traditional portrait, sit look at the camera and smile session. There's no directing needed. It's just life happening.

When you look back at your family albums, what pictures give you the fondest memories or evoke emotion? Is it the posed image with everyone is in matching outfits or the ones that capture your family life?

Since starting my photography journey I have been using my children as models. Dragging them around in a stylised cute outfit at golden hour trying out new locations. I noticed that in their yearly albums I make for them, I have lots of pretty cute pictures. But nothing that really shows who they were at age 2 or 3. Nothing that was really a piece of them. I stopped taking the everyday stuff because I was so worried about learning techniques I thought I needed to learn to be a photographer and have a business. I forgot the real reason I got my camera in the first place and that was to document my children's/family life.

Childhood means messy, mischievous, laughing, crying, loving and playing. Not sitting perfectly still with every hair in place. Kids just want to run, jump and play.

There are stories everywhere. Life is a forever changing journey. Every stage has an element you love or even hate. There are opportunities for a photo session anywhere, anytime in every moment. We don't have to wait for perfect weather, perfect lighting, you don't even have to go and spend money on colour coordinated outfits. You can even be in you Pj's if thats what you do and don't do the dished just because I'm coming around.

Here I'm sharing just a little documentary on a Saturday morning in the Loft's house. To you it might be boring, but to me it captures a little piece of our life. I think I want to do one of these every few months, but do them on different days of the week.

It really is an investment that becomes more valuable over time. I hope you can see the value in a session like this. If you're interested but still not really sure please contact me and we can have a chat and spark some ideas to tell your story.

All session include digital images on usb and an album.