Launceston Family Documentary Photographer - Nonna's craft journal

I've been wanting to do this documentary session of my mother for awhile. As long as I can remember my mother has been into some kind of craft. My earliest memory of her craft projects was wheat weaving. I remember her soaking her wheat in water and them making decorations which she displayed all over the house. She used to make our clothes, fancy dresses. She's also been into cross stitch, quilting, spinning wool, knitting, she loves knitting socks, felting (i have about 20 felt bags) scrapbooking and her latest art journaling.

She spends hours in her craft room working on her journals. She has different projects she works on daily, weekly and monthly. 

She just recently had her birthday and when I asked the kids what we should get her the replied "craft stuff." So cute. The kids now have their own art journal books that they work on when they go to visit.

I just love how these pictures turned out. They really tell a story of my mother. They capture a piece of her perfectly.