Tamar Valley Resort Grindelwald | Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

Tamar Valley Resort Grindelwald

Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

The moment I stepped into Kristy’s cabin at Tamar Valley Resort Grindelwald, there was a sense of calm. I love when there aren’t too many people at the bride and grooms while they’re getting ready. I feel like the bride is often less stressed.

Andrew is such a gentleman and had so many cute things to say about Kristy. These two were meant to be.

They got married in the cutest little chapel at Tamar Valley Resort Grindelwald.

Thank you Kristy and Andrew for having me, it was a beautiful day.

Wedding at Brickendon Estate | Launceston Wedding Photographer

Wedding at Brickendon Estate

Launceston Wedding Photographer

I get asked all the time where I’m from because I have a slight Canadian accent. I often have a little chuckle, not to be rude or anything but I just don’t feel Canadian these days. After all, I’ve been in Australia for 30 years now and arrived when I was 10. So I feel like I’m more from Australia, not Canada. But it’s always exciting to hear that accent.

When I met Madonna and heard her accent I got excited. She is Canadian. Her husband’s name is Andrew and so is mine. It was cute to imagine that that's what I must sound like when I call out to my husband :)

Their wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. They were so welcoming and the day just flowed nicely. The Brickendon Estate is such a fun place to photograph, with so many cool old buildings. I loved how they kept to a few traditional wedding day stuff, but also added their own fun into the day with a sneak peek before the wedding, champagne cheers during the ceremony and maple syrup for the wedding guests.

Madonna and Andrew thank you for having me!! Yay Twizzlers ;)

Family, couples session | Launceston Photographer

When I chatted to Kylie over the phone all things wedding, I discovered she had a little family and she asked if they could be included in the couples session. Of course we have to include them, but I still made sure I got a few of them on their own.

I’m so excited for this cute families wedding later this year.

Couples session | Launceston Photographer

Today I’m just going to find a poem to share, It’s hard to find words to write in a blog all the time that doesn’t sound the same as the last blog post and I’m trying to catch up on my sessions.

I will say that I had a fun time with these two during their couples session. I tried out a few new things and there was a lot of laughter.

Her eye stole my heart,

her smile gave me life, her presence made

me high,

her touch left me