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Tasmanian winter wedding.

These two love winter, so it only makes perfect sense to have a Tasmanian winter wedding.

I love the little touches of Disney princess and Claires shoes glitter when she walked and her dress was just gorgeous. Claire sure did look like a princess walking down the aisle to her prince. Their gentle energy made it such a breeze to work with them.

Claire and Shaun got married at Strathlynn . It may have been in the middle of winter but the love from these two filled the venue with warmth.

The beautiful flowers and backdrop were from Event Avenue

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

What if it might rain on your wedding day? | Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

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What if it might rain on your wedding day?

You may or may not have taken into consideration while planning your wedding. What if it might rain? As a Tasmanian wedding photographer It does happen, but it doesn’t mean your day has to be ruined. Having a rain action plan in place can take the pressure off of something that is completely out of your control and use the rain to your advantage. Should the rain appear, take a deep breath and embrace the positives a rainy day can bring. Here are some tips so you can make your rain-day action plan now.

  • Congratulations! You’re getting the best light a bride could ask for.  Just about every photographer will be wishing for some cloud cover on your wedding day. It's consistent, soft, colours are beautiful, no shadows or squinty eyes. So rest assured you have the perfect light for the most gorgeous wedding shots.

  • Have the appropriate gear and have fun with it. I always bring a clear umbrella in the back of my car to every wedding. I also encourage you to invest in enough umbrellas for you and your wedding party, if you're worried about the rain. Clear umbrellas are a great choice because you won’t get weird colour cast or shadows on your face. Your photographer will love you for that. I mean those clear umbrellas are so cute. Whats even cuter would be some fun colourful gumboots in your wedding colours for your bridal party. Now that’s a photo I’d like to take. Be prepared your wedding dress is going to get messy. Also think about handing out umbrellas or blankets to your guests. You can get creative here too and decided if you want to incorporate your wedding colours.

  • If it looks like rain think about wearing your hair up. Updos work better in the rain, they stay in place and you don’t have to worry about your curls falling flat.

  • Discuss with your makeup artist ways your makeup can stand up to the weather. Water proof mascara for one.

  • Check with your venue to see what they can do if you’ve planned an outdoor ceremony or reception. Some venues can easily move everything inside. If you're doing more of DIY wedding consider renting a tent.

  • Sometimes being prepared to adjust your wedding day timeline can be a blessing. Just by moving your portrait session to a later time when there is a break in the weather. Half an hour can mean the difference between a downpour and cloudy skies with the sun popping through. Have an idea for your portrait session to be taken inside until you wait for the skies too clear.

  • Sometimes the weather is just miserable all day. If it's not possible to get any beautiful portraits inside anywhere. Go enjoy your time with your guests and discuss with your photographer to take pictures another day. I know I would be happy to do this.

  • I know you’ve heard the saying before. Its good luck if it rains on your wedding day. In some cultures this is true.

So it might rain on your wedding day but that doesn’t have to mean everything will be ruined. Embrace it! Don’t let the details you can’t control ruin your special day. You only get married once so take steps to make it the best day of your life, rain or no rain!

Here are a few pictures from a wedding I did recently and guess what? It rained. Adelle and Dean had their wedding at Entally Estate. I feel this venue has some great options if it rains on your wedding day.

Autumn Wedding At Wines For Joanie | Tasmanian Wedding Photographer

Autumn Wedding At Wines For Joanie

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wines for joanie

Summer is a busy time for weddings, but have you considered having an autumn wedding? With all those beautiful natural colours on display. Everything about this season is just perfect for photo opportunities. I’m so lucky to be a Tasmanian photographer.

Let me tell you a few reasons why you might consider an autumn wedding.

  • All those vibrant reds, oranges and golds within the trees, gardens and vineyards make for some stunning backdrops in your photos, and they can add magic and romance to any wedding.

  • The sun is not so harsh, making the perfect light for your photographer and videographer when you're walking down the aisle and when it comes time for portraits. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying golden hour. These images are ones you’ll want to treasure for the rest of your life, why not pick the time of the year that’s likely to give you the best possible setting?

  • The cooler temperature makes for your outdoor wedding more comfortable for you and your guests. I know you might be thinking higher chance of rain. But anytime you plan a wedding, you should always have a bad weather plan.

  • Can’t forget to mention the seasonal produce is amazing.

  • Both you and your husband-to-be will be much cooler in your wedding attire, since some of those wedding dresses can come with a lot of layers. There will be a lot less sweating going on and no melting makeup.

  • You might even save money on venues, as it’s just after peek season.

  • It can be much easier to book your photographer, venue, caterer, and florist for an autumn wedding versus a summer wedding. 

  • Romantic evening, drink in hand, cuddled up by an open fire.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that an autumn wedding is an awesome idea. You can see what I mean with the pictures from Casey and Spencers wedding.