5 ways to celebrate that does not include food or alcohol - Launceston family documentary photographer

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary today. Over the weekend we were discussing how we might celebrate and if were going to do anything special. Straight up we think, out to dinner or go away for the weekend. Secretly I'm in the middle of a juice cleansing diet, and our anniversary is smack bang in the middle of it. There must be something else we can do that does not involve food. So I put together my top 5 things I found we could do.

1. HOT AIR BALLOON: I'm petrified  of heights. But this is definitely something that is on my bucket list. How romantic would it be to watch the sunrise while drinking your morning juice. (wink wink)  

2. RECREATE THE MOST ROMANTIC THING YOUR PARTNER HAS DONE FOR YOU: When I first got together with my husband he did a few maybe one romantic thing. We used to take my dog for a walk most evenings. One day he hide flowers in the bushes. That was pretty much the only romantic thing he did. Haha....

3. WRITE A LOVE NOTE: Our lives get so busy and it's easy to take your life partner for granted. You could write a love letter or poem and let them know how much they mean to you and way you love them so. You could even do this as a video.

4. HIGHER A PHOTOGRAPHER: Haha had to put that one in. Celebrate your life with having a documentary photography session. You could have someone capture your romantic date at your special spot or where you had your first date, picnic at your wedding spot. Or your favourite thing you do together. 

5. HAVE A NIGHT OF INTIMATE GAMES: One for the boys haha. You could even get a new sexy outfit to wear. I know my husband would love this one.

Happy anniversary to my darling husband!! Love you xxx

How do you celebrate without food or alcohol? I would love to know.