Launceston wedding Photography - Carmel and Josh's wedding day - Meghann Maguire

My sister in law got married this summer. She asked me to be her photographer. Of coarse I wouldn't have it any other way. Carmel told me I could be creative and wanted her images to be fun. I think I got that, but I couldn't help capturing their love they have for each other. They just ooze passion.

Ever since they first got together we all just new they were going to get married one day. A few years ago I did a couples shoot for them. I teased them and called it their unofficial engagement session. A few moths later they were engaged.

As a photographer you get that fear that your not good enough. (well I do)  You just want to do really well and hope your clients will love their images. (I guess its only human) Anyway towards the end of the wedding I was just finishing up with the bride and groom and Carmel asks me how I went, and if I had any good ones. Well I said the worst thing you could say to a bride. (Thank goodness it was my sister in law) But I said "Don't ask me now, because I'll tell you shit, I don't think I have anything good." I think this after every session I do and its always ok. I'm safe to say another kickass wedding.

What a stunning bride, handsome groom and gorgeous bridesmaids and can't forget the cutest little flower girls. My daughter was the little one. She almost has as many pictures as the bride. Hahaha.