Are you engaged?


Are you happy to be involved in a creative process, experiment with photography and go with the flow?

If this is you, I think we are going to be a great fit!

I’m looking for new couples who want some unique engagement photos and are happy to get dirty, sandy, wet, close and be a little adventurous and maybe hike a mountain for some cool photos.

This offer is good for only a limited of couples who love getting outside. These engagement session are totally complimentary! Yep, seriously…complimentary . With a digital keepsake. You will have the opportunity to purchase more photos at a fantastic price, but there is no obligation.

Why? I’ve had a few aha moments lately while reviewing my work over the last year. I want to try a few new locations, experiment with some photography techniques and styles and not have to worry about shooting what’s “expected” at a normal engagement session.

If this sounds like you and your fiancé and you’re keen to get amongst it – fill out the contact info below, give me some details and we’ll speak soon.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Engagement session questionnaire

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If we were to choose a location to have our engagement shoot it would absolutely include: *