Training to champ | Launceston photographer

Last year my husband decided to finally compete in the Australian nationals for track cycling. He's talked about this for many years. I guess life got in the way. Mostly building a family and this was his year to do it.

I'm so inspired by his dedication and most of all determination. It was tough on us all, at times I felt like a single mother and the kids missed their dad. Especially towards the end, but I'm so proud of him for sticking to his goal and coming out a Australian gold and silver cycling champion.

From the beginning of him training I decided to document his progress, from his workouts in the shed with the kids watching, to weekly training nights at the velodrome, the Christmas carnivals, family and friends coming to cheer him on, ice baths and finally coming home from Sydney with his medals. 

I hope you enjoy the images I've taken from this inspiring journey. I know we will cherish and this will be a great lesson for the kids to look back at.