bridestowe lavender farm

Bridestowe lavender estate - Launceston photographer

I missed out on last months blog circle. It was the busy time of year and my planned outing turned out to be a disaster. I'll blog about it next month. This month its still school holidays for us. So I have sooo many to choose from as we've been busy.

Ive decided to share our lavender farm outing. I've been wanting to go there for a long time. So many people were sharing their pictures. I had a little photo envy going on. My sister in law and niece came to stay for a few days and it was Gen's birthday. So we decided to celebrate having lunch at Bridestowe lavender Estate. The lavender is in bloom this time of year and makes for some beautiful pictures.

The kids had fun running through the fields. My oldest, the dear little sensitive man didn't like the humming of the bees. I must say it was a little eerie. But the bees were too busy to worry about us.

Don't forget to find out whats happening with the rest of my blog circle mates. Next up is the ever so talented Danielle