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Myrtle parking camping - Blog circle - Launceston photographer

Yes it's another camping trip. This time we went to Myrtle park, We've heard so many great things about this camping ground.

We were excited to have my brother in law and family join us. Addy was looking forward to hanging out with her little cousin. I love how I've captured a little bond growing between these two. Even Everett had a little snuggle with her.

Don't forget this is part of a monthly project I'm part of. Photographers from all over the world share what they're up to this month. Follow the links till you get back to mine.

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Swimcart Camping trip (St Helens) - Launceston photographer

Hey it's local outings blog circle time. Let me share our camping trip to Swimcart along the East coast of Tasmania. We have recently purchased a wind up camper trailer and this was our first official trip. 

We did one night just before Christmas. It was supposed to be two nights, that soon turned into a 12 hour round trip. It rained the whole time and my husband got gastro. We didn't have the best start.

This trip was different. We were a little unsure to start with. But the rain stopped when we got there. The kids had so much fun and 2 nights just wasn't long enough. It was a good tester into the freedom camping world and we are addicted. 

The waves were strong but a great spot to let the kids practice casting a rod.

We found a cosy little place for the kids to swim and explore the rocks.

The sand was oh so black and made a mess, especially when we couldn't stop Everett from rolling around in it, but that's camping. We used the esky to wash them up in.

We're definitely not totally set up yet and sure we'll keep finding things we need.

If you have any helpful camping with children tips, I would love to hear them!! Comment below.

I included a short film as well as some pictures.

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Blog circle, Local outings - Launceston photographer

So I got a new camera oops. Hahaa, I got myself a mirrorless fujifilm camera. So I had to try it out. It just so happened the kids had swimming lessons. Perfect to use for my blog circle local outings and why not try it out in some hard lighting conditions. It didn't go too badly. I'm in love with how small and light weight it is. Its a great camera for my personal work and not having to lug a great big camera around.

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Blog circle, local outings - Launceston photographer

So I've missed a few blog circle over the christmas rush. But this month I'm back. It's so much fun and I really like how it gets me documenting my family every month. This month is a hike, walk, bike ride or any other outdoor adventure type outing. This christmas the kids got new bikes so it was perfect timing. 

The photographers are from all over the world. Some will be having snow and others in summer season. It will be interesting what everyone does.

My youngest child is the most laziest bike rider and has to be pushed most of the time.

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