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Newborn session - Launceston photographer

Another one of my nearest and dearest friends had a baby. I love being able to give them this gift of documenting their lives as new parents. 

Oh man I loved seeing Tish just blossom as a new mother, I’ve never seen anybody just so in love with her new role and so happy. It was so magical to watch.

Here is what Tish said about having a documentary session with me.
What made you think, “I need to have a photo session?” First born child

Do you think some of those feelings from the last question are driven from past experiences or childhood? Please go a little deep with me here, I really appreciate it.
The birth of my son was the best day of my life, I can't remember life before him it's only fitting to capture this precious moment. I regret no getting around to having maternity photos captured.
What was your overall outcome goal for your photo session? (i.e. to have beautiful photos, to remind me just how important our family time is, to have our stories preserved so I can feel joy reminiscing later) moments in time captured, to reminisce for years to come. 

What happened or what information was provided that helped you say “YES” to this session? (something about me, something about the type of session, etc.) Meghann explained in detail how the shoot would be structured around the activities i selected, making me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I was quiet sceptical on what photos could be captured with the activities i selected as we don't do anything exciting.

Why is doing a documentary session different than other traditional sessions? It's more relaxing as just do your daily routine.

Why is working with me different than other photographers? You don't need to pose

Leading up to the session, how did you feel (i.e. nervous, excited, not sure what to expect)? After the session I was quiet anxious thinking there would be nothing of the boring everyday activities we do. 

During the session, please describe how the experience felt (i.e. nerve-wracking at first, but then relaxing, fun the entire time, etc.) relaxed and had fun obviously I was a little self conscious due to just having a baby.

What was your reaction to the photos when you saw them? I wanted to cry, loved them! 

How has going through this type of a session affected your life (it changed your perspective, it made you feel excited about having a photo session, it opened your eyes to the many opportunities you have for things that are special enough to have photographed)? Definitely made me feel more comfortable and open to having more photography sessions. 

How has having these photos affected your life? (i.e. it revealed more love and gratitude in your life, they are a reminder of something significant, please be as detailed as possible). 
It was beautiful as I could see the love in our family,which made me feel so much gratitude and love.

Off the top of your head, do you have any ideas for your next photo session? If so, please describe & also explain why it would be of value to you. 
My sons first birthday to see how much he's grown and capture his favourite activities

What surprised you most about this experience? how easy relaxing it was, I didn't even notice the camera as I was caught in the moments.

What would you tell someone on the fence about doing a documentary session? They won't be disappointed.  Staged photos are beautiful but documentary captures, moments and activities that could easily be forgotten with time. 

After the experience, did it feel like you predicted? How did it feel? 
No, I was really anxious after the shoot until I received the photos. once I received the finished product I was in love with the storytelling . Meghann captured all the special moments I requested and beautiful moments I was oblivious to like how excited my son gets when I read to him before bed.

What stands out most to you about having storytelling, documentary-style images vs. traditional portraits?
Natural. a day in the life view

Please describe the lasting impression these photos have left on you. So much Love and gratitude

Here are a few of my favourite.

I also did a little family film for them you can view it here or on my welcome page. For more information on my family storytelling in motion please contact me. 

Family session - Melbourne photgrapher

I headed off to Melbourne, a couple months now. (Been a little slack with sharing some of my sessions I've been doing.) This session had been in the making for a few years now and finally the day came. Leonie has been a dear friend of mine since high school and I could not wait to go and meet the newest little family member and of course snap a few shots.

This family spend more then 8 hours a week at the gymnastics club and was so excited when Leonie said we'd be heading over to document them during one of their training sessions. How cool are the pictures? I'm in love with them.

Do your children have a passion that you like to document? Shoot me a message I'd love to hear about it.

Motherhood mini sessions - Launceston photographer

I am SO excited for these sessions! This is a new project for me, and it’s a concept that I'm really passionate about. As mums we often lead such hectic lives, that it can be hard to find a moment to savour and appreciate the wonderful bond we have with our children. The bond and love between a mother and her babies is so incredibly beautiful.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always the one behind the camera in family photos, and rarely ever make an appearance in them. Mostly I’m happy about this because I hate my picture being taken. I’ve recently been reminded in many ways, that life’s moments are precious.  I want to be in more photos with my children, and I would love for those photos to capture us being us. I’ve taken on a personal project this year on self portraits of motherhood. It’s been a huge challenge as I hate seeing myself in pictures as Ive been battling weight issues, but in the end its not for me, its for my children to see our love for each other and that I was actually there in their life. They grow up way to fast and I will not stand by and continue to let this happen and not be in photos with them I want to have those family heirlooms with me in them, blubber and all. 

That is where my idea for Motherhood Mini-Sessions came about…with the recent buzz around mothers day, its perfect timing to celebrate mums. Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving to you years down the road. This is what is at the heart of my celebrating Motherhood photo sessions.  The idea that moms are incredible women who have embarked on such a beautiful journey with their little ones.  The idea that the laughs, cuddles, hugs, and kisses are all moments that deserve to be remembered.  The idea that motherhood deserves to be CELEBRATED all year round and no matter what season of motherhood you’re in. Another thought is as much as I’m making a conscious effort to have more photos with my own children, I’d love some with my own mum just as much.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a mum and your little ones are young, or if your children have moved out and have a family of their own, or if you’re a mum, and you want to schedule this session for you and your own mum…I will make this session work for you.   

I’ll still be taking a documentary approach to these types of sessions. I love documentary style photography and this is where my passions at, simply observing and capturing the sweet, simple moments that make up everyday life.

Get creative…like I said, I really want this session to be about you and your kids. I’m thinking if it were me, I might bake our favourite banana bread, or reading my children’s the books they love most, and capture our snuggles and stories.  Maybe you want to head out and grab some ice-cream from your favourite cafe, or do you have a special game or toy you love to play together…maybe it means taking a little walk together, or just hanging out being YOU.  That is what this is all about, and what I really hope to capture for you - your motherhood story. I want you to be able to hold onto beautiful moments with your babies, through images that I know you'll love and cherish forever. I want them to capture the joy, peace, and fulfilment of motherhood that is often lost in the chaotic exhaustion of daily life through simple and emotive portraits.

Sessions will take half hour doing one of your favourite activities. If you have questions, please let me know. Otherwise, email me to schedule your session today!

Click here to down load my 10 impossibly sweet photo ideas for a motherhood session and start writing down all your own ideas.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite photos I’ve taken over the last few months of mum’s and their kids.

It's time to put heart and meaning back into your family photos - Launceston photographer

Can you imagine having a session that is personal to you like no other? Or, having a canvas hanging on your wall that doesn’t have the same pose, location, white backdrop, the same forced smile as everyone else? When you look at these types of portraits side-by-side, often the only real differences are the people. Sure, it looks nice. The lighting is just right, compositionally it looks balanced and maybe the colours even pop, but when you look at these non-candid photos does it make you feel anything? Does it remind you of a time in your life that you love? Does it tell you something about your family and their adorable little quirks? Does it tell us anything about your life, your story?

If you’ve ever had that style of portrait photo it’s possible you’ll remember the drag that it was organising your family. Maybe you bought matching outfits, Maybe your husband was uncooperative, like the kids, and all of them had to be bribed. Substantially. And after hours of what felt like pulling teeth, you only liked one photo… kind of. A documentary photography session with me is easy, because you just have to be you. You could choose an activity that you and your family love to do and I photograph it. Awesomely. No bribes needed. No forced smiles. No pulling teeth. 

So the moment I discovered documentary photography, everything changed. I went from the stereotypical portrait photographer in search of the perfect locations, lighting, outfits, and twenty perfect poses, to a moment seeker and it all just clicked. Well, to be completely frank, I panicked. I had just spent the last 3 years taking all the wrong pictures. I had missed the simple day-to-day stuff my children did because I wouldn’t touch my camera for weeks while I waited for the perfect creative moment. I got lost trying to find my niche. Ironically, the reason I started learning about photography was so I could take better photos of my kids growing up. I was capturing their physical growth, but I missed the opportunity to capture their little personalities growing too. That is documentary photography. It’s not just your photo – it’s your story. 

Now, I want to make sure that I get every stage of my children’s growth, from learning to do a somersault on the trampoline, to playing with dinosaurs while having a bath in the kitchen sink. 

It feels so good catching fleeting moments that may have been forgotten in ten years time. It feels honest and real like I’m doing these memories justice. I hope to get the opportunity to capture these moments for you.

You can download my client guide here.