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Common objection (It’s too expensive)


You’re too expensive or photographers are so expensive is something I hear all the time. I’m not surprised to hear you say that. The subject of why professional photography has its pricey tag is something that puzzles most people.  In our heads we go through the process of evaluating whether it’s worth it or not.

If you have never attempted to run your own business, pricing for services like photography can be hard. We’re not just taking your pictures and I could go on and on of all the things to consider like education, equipment and on average we send around 20 hours per client and so much more. But I really don't want this blog to be about that. I want to share the passion I have and the value I hold high. I truly love what I do and put nearly all my love and a great deal of time putting skill into my passion for photography – just ask my husband. I strongly believe that everyone should be having a documentary session.

So…I guess what you can “afford” is relative to what you find important and monumental in your life, here and now, and in the future when your family is all grown up. If you are buying a future heirloom that has been lovingly created and that will be enjoyed for decades to come, then relatively speaking it isn’t that expensive - it’s PRICELESS.   

In this digital age where everyone has a camera, either attached to their phone or a little camera shoved in their purse or pocket, it might be hard to understand and appreciate the value of documentary photography.  What is documentary photography and why does it matter?  My iPhone takes fairly decent pictures I can take those candid pictures myself - you say.

But… Can you take them as good as I can? No, its not because I have a better camera then you. It’s because I have spent hours on education and practicing. Cameras do not take pictures, people take pictures.  And to take really good, high quality, worthy of your life’s most important moments, photos that stand the test of time, you cannot simply rely on someone who has a good camera. 

Can you take those picture and be fully present in whats going on? Are you in those as a family showcasing the love, connection and fun you all share? Do you have an album that show cases these moments, that your family can flip through on a rainy day? 

Ask yourself this - How fast time slips by? Are these moments important to cherish?

I want clients that relate to my love of photography and its importance.  Having my own kids has engraved the great need to document things, in fact EVERYTHING!  All the sweet everyday chaos. Precious and priceless.

P.S. – I also have payment plans.