Wedding Photography FAQ

Where are you based?

I’m based in Launceston Tasmania. But I’m happy to travel to other parts of Tasmania and Australia.

What gear do you use? 

I have two cameras that tag along on my harness. Nikon D750 and Nikon D600. I mostly use my Nikon 35mm lens and Nikon 70-200mm.

What are you like at a wedding?

I’m more of a quiet laid back kinda person.  I’m not into super awkward poses and looking into the camera. I’ll direct you a little and help keep things moving if we’re running out of time. A comment I love and get all the time is how I really make it about the bride and groom, not about me and having to get specific shots. I’m there, but not there.

My love for documentary wedding photography I feel really works well with my personality. I arrive on the day try to be discreet and almost unnoticed whilst photographing the events of your wedding day unfold all around me. 

Photographing your wedding in a laid back and relaxed way that shows your family and friends having fun, without worring about the camera and having to stop enjoying themselves to look at a camera and smile.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Intimate documentary, this is where I watch the day unfold organically, laughter, crying, exchanging of rings. I try to capture a very real sense of what it was like to be there without intruding or disturbing anything. I want to tell the story of your wedding day through pictures. Because when the day is over, that is what you’re left with a photographic time capsule.

Creative lifestyle, as much as I love documentary photography and it works 95% of the time, I also love giving my clients beautiful portraits. For this reason I will give you a little direction every now and again. I hardly ever get you to look at the camera and smile (apart from family portraits and any other ones you direct) When we head off to do the bride and groom photos, I want you to have eyes for each other lots of kissing, rubbing noses, hugging from every angle, walking and dancing :)

How much experience do you have?

I have six years of photography experience, and 3 years of wedding photography, it’s in recent years that I have decided to really go ahead with my passion as the timing is right with my three children all in school full time, it’s the perfect time for me.

Do you have insurance?

I sure do have public liability insurance.

Do you edit your images?

Yes I do edit every photo you receive. I really believe that this is where the magic is and it just makes an image come to life. I don’t do any heavy image alterations, like making you look skinny or skin smoothing. I want it to look like you. If you had a pimple on the day, I might get rid of that, but not much else. I use film like presets while editing my images with rich warm tones.

How many shots do you normally take at a wedding, and what will I receive afterwards?

Every wedding is different so it varies from wedding to wedding. I never want to put a cap on it. You will generally receive no less than 400 images. I go through all the images delete the blurry, awkward faces, duplicates, eyes closed. I pick the best of the best. 

The high resolution files are delivered via an online gallery. Images will be stored online for a year, but please take the time to back up your images just in case anything happens to your computer. I personally think the more back ups, the merrier, so feel free to put them on a USB or a hard drive!

200 of those images will also go into a basic coffee table album. To piece together the story of your wedding day. It’s really important to me to give something tangible, something you can look at with family and friends for years to come. But also something that is not going to break the bank, but still has great quality. Something that I know is not going to get corrupted, lost, or put off forever. Something that becomes part of your family history and passed on for many generations to come. These are the same albums I use for all my family pictures.

How long after the wedding will I receive my photos? 

Turn around is around 4 weeks after your wedding.

Do I get to choose photos that go into album?

This is a complimentary gift to you from me. I choose the pictures to go inside the album. Before I put the album together I give you the option to add more albums so you can fit all photos taken of your wedding day into 2-3 albums. I offer these at a fantastic price.

How many pages are included in the album?

100 pages, single photo to each page, resulting in 200 photos per album.

Can I print my photos? Do I have the rights to do whatever I want with them?

You can do what ever your hearts content with the photos I give you. I do not watermark.

If you’d like to purchase prints, I encourage you to do so directly from me. The photos are printed at a premier print lab and look so darn pretty! The difference can be noticed than, say, getting your pictures printed at Harvey Norman due to elements like the paper quality, the print machine itself, and a little more professional TLC! ;) 

Do you shoot with an assistant / second shooter?

No I don’t work with anyone. But if we feel the need for a second shooter, I can certainly organise one.

We’re really camera shy, Is that ok? 

I have a few blog post with some great tips. You can check it out here and here. My method of shooting is very relaxed and natural, I don’t pose you so much I give more direction. I also include couple sessions, that I like to call love story sessions. These can work really well to remove the fear of being photographed on the day of your wedding and not only that we develop more of a friendship and get to meet in person. I really think this makes a huge difference, and that’s why these sessions are complimentary in my wedding package. 

How much coverage do we need?

Generally I feel 8 hours is plenty, usually starting while everyone is getting ready right up to a little way through the reception. I find this is good amount of time to really piece together your wedding story.

Do we need to provide you with a meal?

I wont say no :) Running around for 8 hours is pretty exhausting and I definitely work up an appetite. But it’s no biggy.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes to secure your wedding date a deposit of $500 is needed.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Once you sign our contract, I block out the date of your wedding and decline any further enquiries for that date. For this reason, the initial deposit is non-refundable, but we can transfer the deposit to another date subject to availability.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is 2 weeks before wedding day.

Should we have a meeting?

I’m open to meeting up. I usually find a quick chat on the phone to answer any questions to start with is fine. If you book me we will be meeting up for an engagement session.

Can we give you a list of photographs we want to request? Or do you work off a shot list?

Most of the time that list describes family pictures which is fine. Of course, if there are specific important details or lists of family groups, that can be something we chat about. But I don’t really work off a shot list, because your wedding day is a unique experience that can not be duplicated. Organic moments, real laughs and big family hugs are not on the shot list. 

What if it rains?

The one thing you have absolutely no control over on your wedding day is the weather. Not everything is lost with a little bit of rain. You need to (in your planning phase) of your wedding day, have a wet weather plan. This is very much location based (indoor wedding/outdoor wedding) but also the type of weather the area of your wedding attracts. Shooting in the rain is fine, I have done so many times.. but shooting in the rain with gale force winds is difficult. I will do it, but will you stand in it? I am more than happy to discuss your wet weather plan and help out on how we can approach photos if the weather does not play nice.

Majority of the time everything works out and your day is captured, but if we get rained/weathered out for the bridal photos (just the two of you) then I offer a post-wedding shoot. This means we can go back to the wedding location and shoot in the surrounding area, OR shoot an area which will compliment the both of you and your wedding day.

When and how far ahead should I book?

As soon as you have your date picked out and venue booked, the next step is to book your photographer. Generally anytime from 1.5 to 1 year away from wedding day.

Where can I find your pricing?

Right here. I like to keep it simple with the one package. But if you don’t like what you see feel free to get in touch and we can try to work something out.

We’d like to book you! What do we do now?

Oh yeah I’m super excited. You can head over to my contact page and fill out the form here. Id love to hear from you and can’t wait to chat all things wedding .