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Oh my can you believe this? It’s christmas time already! How did that happen?

Each year I have a few christmas traditions that I do. Some are handed down from my mother. These are ones that really stood out to me as a child and just looked forward to each year. I have a couple that I started myself. I don't think Australia is very big on christmas traditions. I defiantly get this from my Canadian blood. I have such fond memories of my first 10 years and a few others sprinkled in here and there of my winter white christmases. Christmas really hasn't ever felt the same since moving to Australia. It’s just so magical in Canada. I remember one year visiting my Grandma and Grandpa hanging out in their hot spa outside in the dark 20 below temperature. My hair would turn to icicles. We would jump in the snow and back into the spa. A few years later we’re hanging out around the pool in 35 degree heat getting sun burnt.

These are some of my favourite traditions that I now do for my children.


Advent calendar - I use the same one for my children that I used as a child. My crafty mother made this when I was young. I always looked forward to every second day (as i and to share with my brother) to putting my next favourite decoration up.

Christmas P.J’s - The night before christmas my mom would leave new p.j’s on my bed for me to wear. My dad would the same for her. So since I got married my mom leaves for my husband to do.

Christmas decorations - Every year I would get a new christmas decoration to hang on the tree. I still have all my old decorations that I put up each year and my mom on occasions still buys me a new one. I love taking my kids to find theirs each year. They get so excited.

Stockings - Yes I still have my same childhood stocking that I use every year. My crafty mother has made a stocking for each of my children and even my husband. The children hang these up the night before christmas in there new p.j’s. 

I was always first awake on christmas morning. I was aloud to take my stocking that was overflowing with stuff and take into my room to look at while I wait for everyone to wake. I’m still to this day the first one awake LOL. So who ever wakes up next usually Addy we look at our stockings together.

The night before Christmas - This is a book my dad used to read us on Christmas Eve. I do the same for my children.  When we go and stay with parents on christmas night, my dad reads from the same book he read to me and my brother to my children. My dad is the best reader. He always puts such enthusiasm into it.

Sparkles - This is something new I started with my first born. On Christmas Eve we sprinkle sparkles in the backyard so Santa and his reindeer can see where to land.

Milk and cookies - The children leave milk and cookies out for Santa the night before as a thank you.

Christmas morning  wife saver - Delish!! For christmas morning we have this delicious recipe and it’s called Christmas morning wife saver. I make it the day/night before. So christmas morning all I need to do is stick it in the oven let it cook while we open our presents. Once we have finished opening presents breakfast is ready. 

Who wants the recipe? Get it by clicking HERE

Trust me this will become your new favourite recipe.  You could also fancy your brecky up by having a fruit salad with it. Great if you are having a lot of people over.

So those are my family traditions. I would love to hear YOURS!!!

Maybe you’re going to steal some of mine. TELL me! I want to know what ONES?

Dont FORGET to download my recipe hit the button below. 

Merry christmas everyone!!!


My top 5 christmas gifts

Top 5 christmas presents to give this year


Normally I start my christmas shopping in June when Target has their lay-by till christmas sale. But this year I really didn't want to buy my kids toys. I’m SOOOO over toys and think they are such a waist of money and my time cleaning them up. I find they don't really play with them but just have fun making a mess and refusing to clean up. So i’m over them! But I think it’s a good idea to start shopping early. This will eliminate the stress and frustration of scurrying around at the last minute and give you a more relaxed December. But if you haven't started early and stuck on what to buy here are a few to think about. 

1. This year my kids big present are bikes. I’m so happy that we are at that stage where we can all go for a bike ride. I like to think of presents that will get them outside.

2. Last year the big present was a trampoline. They have fun on this all year round. In the summer we like to put the sprinkler under it.

3. So one thing I’m finding is that people are not printing their pictures they take with their camera’s and phone’s. This really makes me sad that the next generation of children are not going to have any family history to look back at. You’re slowly loosing those memories as your phone dies. Check out these cool prolaroid instant printers. Print directly from your mobile or tablet.

4. I talked about stockings in my last blog. Maybe some of you are not familiar of what you can put in these. This year it’s going to be fun as the kids get older I can put thinks like tape, tin foil, blue tack (kids love this stuff and always ask for it) headlamps. Anaconda have cute ones for $12. It’s a good time to stock up on undies and socks, bath soaps, hair bands, lip gloss, colouring pencils and books, new drink bottles for school, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen or fun zinc, hair chalk, toothbrushes, so many options. Shiploads or the Reject shop is great for stocking stuffer shopping.

5. You know to be honest with you I hate present shopping. I’m crap at it. I can never think of what get and usually end up buying nothing. So I had a hard time thinking of number 5. But then of course it downed on me, what do I usually give people? Yes a photo session. My husband teases me because this is what I often give my close family and friends. Whether it’s some newborn pictures, maternity or just a portrait picture in a frame. This I believe is the most precious gift you can give anyone. So maybe it’s a gift certificate with your favourite photographer. Or go and buy a cool picture frame and stick a picture of you or your children and give it to your mom, sister, bestie or daughter.

I have christmas gift for you, I'm sharing my christmas morning wife saver recipe. It will save you time christmas morning so you can spend more with your family. We have made this our family tradition for many years. Get it